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Prevention Resources

What is Primary Prevention?

Primary prevention aims to stop elder abuse before it occurs. It refers to whole-of-population initiatives that address the drivers of such violence.

Our network works across the elder abuse prevention continuum, maintaining a strong focus on influencing social attitudes which are potential drivers of elder abuse.

Key Resources

Partners In Prevention

Resourced by the Domestic Violence Resource Centre, Partners in Prevention (PiP) is a network of over 1500 practitioners across Victoria working to prevent violence against women and supporting one another to strengthen their prevention practice.

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Approaches to addressing violence against women

The Partners in Prevention network has developed this handy poster describing the prevention continuum: primary prevention, secondary prevention (early intervention) and tertiary prevention (response).

National Ageing Research Institute

The National Ageing Research Institute (NARI) is Australia’s only independent national research institute dedicated to ageing. NARI is committed to improving the life and health of older people through research and its translation into evidence-based practice. NARI’s research in elder abuse involves awareness-raising and advocacy, prevention and intervention.

Community Action Plan

In February 2018 NARI released the Elder Abuse Community Action Plan for Victoria – the first action plan developed specifically to assist the Victorian community to tackle elder abuse.

Seniors Rights Victoria

Seniors Rights Victoria is a program within the Council of the Ageing Vic (COTA). It provides information, support, advice and education to help prevent elder abuse and safeguard the rights, dignity and independence of older people.

Seven Years of Elder Abuse Data in Victoria

In September 2020, Seniors Rights Victoria and NARI published Seven Years of Elder Abuse Data in Victoria. The report analyses seven years of client data collected by Seniors Rights Victoria’s advice call service to older people who have experienced elder abuse to provide an overview of who experiences abuse, who is responsible for perpetrating abuse, and what some of the contributing factors are.

Senior’s Rights Victoria’s Discussion Paper – Preventing Elder Abuse describes activities that help prevent elder abuse from occurring, as well as actions that enable people to detect and respond to elder abuse in order to inhibit reoccurrences and prevent long-term harm.

Victoria’s Elder Abuse Prevention Network resources

Preventing Abuse of Older People in Melbourne’s East – A Primary Prevention Framework and Guide was produced by Eastern Community Legal Centre with the Eastern Elder Abuse Network.

The Framework seeks to address prevention of abuse of older people across individual, organisational, community and societal levels – demonstrating that everyone can play a role in promoting respect for seniors.

The Framework presents a shared understanding of primary prevention and promotes coordinated, collaborative approached and mutually reinforcing messaging to prevent abuse of older people.

The Framework provides a useful starting point to prompt conversation across sectors and diverse communities to set directions for action.

Preventing Elder Abuse – A Literature Review for the Southern Melbourne Elder Abuse Prevention Network was developed to support the work of the Southern Melbourne Primary Care Partnership (SMPCP) Elder Abuse Prevention Network (EAPN) in preventing elder abuse The review examined four key questions:

  1. What does the current literature tell us that is relevant to primary prevention in the context of elder abuse?
  2. What is the intention of prevention in managing elder abuse?
  3. Do the current strategies that are used to prevent violence against women and their children (as a part of the broader work in family violence) apply easily to preventing elder abuse?
  4. What should be included in a primary prevention framework for elder abuse specifically?

Older Better Together – The Primary Prevention of Elder Abuse by Prevention Networks, prepared by Think Impact and published by Senior Rights Victoria shares the findings of research and the experiences of the first five Elder Abuse Prevention Networks funded by the Victorian Government in 2017 in relation to the primary prevention of elder abuse and how the networks can most effectively operate in a primary prevention role. It is intended to inform the work of:

    • organisations with an interest in working in their local are to prevent elder abuse
    • organisations working on family violence primary prevention.

Respect Victoria

Respect Victoria is an independent, statutory authority of the Victorian State Government focused on the primary prevention of all forms of family violence; stopping violence before it starts by changing the norms, practices and structures that allow it to happen.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Respect Victoria and it’s work in elder abuse prevention.

Every Age Counts

Ageism is a key driver of elder abuse. This national campaign, supported and funded by The Benevolent Society, is aimed at tackling ageism. Every Age Counts seeks to shift social norms (those unwritten rules of common thinking and behaviour) and positively influence the way Australia thinks about ageing and older people.

Rainbow Health Victoria

Rainbow Health Victoria sits within the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University.

Pride in Prevention – A guide to primary prevention of family violence experienced by LGBTIQ communities was been developed by Rainbow Health Victoria as a resource for those engaged in the primary prevention of family violence experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) communities.


Rotary Safe Families offers a comprehensive resource kit targeting Rotarians and Rotary activities, workplaces and the broader community, offering support to assist someone who may be experiencing elder abuse, as well as to join in elder abuse prevention efforts.

Crime Stoppers Victoria

‘Elder Abuse – Prevention and Protection’ Podcast Series

The podcast series ‘Elder Abuse – Prevention and Protection’ enlists the expertise of Seniors Rights Victoria, Victoria Police, the Office of the Public Advocate and Law Institute of Victoria to delve into the issue that often remains behind closed doors.

The podcasts seek to educate the listener on the forms of elder abuse that is taking place within the community and on how we can all play a role in addressing this matter with those we know.