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Network members provide expert advice at Swinburne Seminar Series on Ageing

Swinburne University’s Wellbeing Clinic for Older Adults Seminar Series on Ageing has been running for over ten years.

Seminars are presented by experts in health and ageing, and cover a wide range of issues related to working with older adults such as cognitive impairment, life-stage transitions, late-life emotional experiences and psychosocial approaches for aged care residents and their families.

The webinars are suitable for clinicians, trainees, researchers, students, aged care volunteers, aged care workers as well as for consumers, families and carers. The Webinar Series is free and open to the public.

On August 13, Respecting Seniors Network members Renee Blight, representing Peninsula Health and Will Betts, representing Peninsula Community Legal Centre, presented their professional experiences of elder abuse.

During the seminar, Will Betts, who is a specialist family violence community lawyer with a strong interest in elder law reflected:

The underlining thread that ties together the current legislation is to protect older peoples autonomy and ability to make decisions for themselves.”

Renee Blight, an experienced social worker highlights the need to respect and support seniors:

We need to listen to and respect the voice of the older person… it is vital that appropriate supports are available for individuals experiencing elder abuse.

You can access the recorded webinar here.