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Lunch Time Learnings Draw Unexpected Crowds

Elder abuse is complex and so are the systems and services available to help older people.

Recently, local service providers joined a new online offering to learn more about how to better respond to elder abuse.

“It’s my job as an Elder Abuse Liaison Officer to provide secondary consultation to service providers about how to support older people experiencing elder abuse’ said Sue Leake, the Peninsula Health Elder Abuse Liaison officer.

“We hoped to have 20-30 people interested in learning more about elder abuse, so I was blown away when over 150 people registered for our first, live online event. Clearly people are keen to learn more about how to respond better to elder abuse”, said Sue.

To further support workforce capacity building,  Elder Abuse Liaison officers from Peninsula Health, Monash Health and La Trobe Community Health commenced this series of Lunch Time Learnings sessions on different topics with topic expert guests.

‘We recognised that we harness the rapid growth in using online video sessions to improve capacity across the sector by delivering topic based information sessions. Basically it’s an online discussion with topic experts around some of the issues highlighted in a case study. It’s a more informal and relaxed than a webinar –with audience participation encouraged. Our first session was on the ‘Misuse of Powers of Attorney’ and our second on ‘NDIS and Elder Abuse’. We are absolutely thrilled with the response’ said Sue.

To join the next Lunchtime Learnings session – ‘Mother & Son: the complexity of the relationship” on Monday 27 November, please register here

If you missed out on the first two sessions, you can access them online by clicking on the sessions below:

Session 1: Misuse of Powers of Attorney

Session 2: Elder Abuse & the NDIS