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Exploring ageism in health care

“What can you expect at your age?” is all too commonly uttered by health professionals.

The Ageism in health care project by the Older Women’s Network NSW (OWN NSW) and Health Consumers NSW was initiated as a response to anecdotal evidence of instances of ageism experienced in the health care setting. The project led to the report “What Can You Expect at Your Age?!” – an investigation of recent experiences of age discrimination by older adults accessing health care  which shines a light on the experiences and points of view of older Australians using health care services in NSW and Australia. According to Health Consumers NSW, this report “adds to a vast body of research and knowledge about ageism, how it corrodes older adults’ rights and affects their capacity for living a full and joyful life.”

The report was launched in March this year, followed by a webinar in April that sparked a lively discussion about ageism: